Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dessert Banner (DIY)...

The hubs was out of town last night.
Lucky me, I had a girlfriend coming over!
The fabulous Rachel B.
She is so fabulous in fact...her dessert deserves a banner!

OK, so really I'd been looking for an excuse to make something in the vault...but Rachel B is fabulous.

I have a bunch of things I'm wanting to put into action...last night I landed on this one:

Dessert Banner...

Here's the super simple How To...
You will need:
  • a pinwheel with stick cut in 1/2
  • crepe ribbon
  • curling ribbon
  • hot glue gun/glue
  • desserts
step 1:
Take the "pinwheel-less" sticks and (using hot glue) attach a crepe ribbon bow to the jagged tip. (be sure to make one tail of your bow long enough to create the banner w/3 inches or more to spare.)

step 2:
Stretch the long crepe ribbon tail to desired length for banner. Then wrap the extra ribbon length around the "pinwheel-ful" stick. (Be sure to secure ribbon to stick with hot glue while you wrap.)

step 3:
Cut 2 inch lengths of curling ribbon and tie them sporadically down the length of your banner. (Be creative. Use 1 color or many! Use twine! Tie bows! Curl the ribbon!) Trim excess ribbon.

step 4:
Stick in dessert. I used mine to bring 2 deserts together. It would also work on a cake. OR make a miniature version and plop in a muffin or cupcake!
A simple way to dress up your dessert.
Make one and impress your fabulous friends!
Fabulous like Rachel B.

Here's a slightly fancier "dessert banner"...


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