Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Seat Savers (DIY)...

Made these cuties while chatting it up with a dear friend...

Here's the (super easy) DIY for these "Easter Seat Savers"

You'll need:
Mini Jars (I am using 4 oz. mason jars...but you could probably use baby food jars, mini planters, etc.)

"Filler" (be creative find something that matches your decor...easter grass, shredded newspaper, cotton balls, fabric, etc.)

 A "wrap" ( creative. I used white hemp.)

 Eggs (I landed on paper eggs...but plastic or hard boiled would work too)

3 simple steps:
~ place filler in jar
~ wrap "ribbon" around mouth of jar
~ stamp names on Eggs and place in jar 

TA DA!!!


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