Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Do you journal?
I know many people that journal.

I am not a journal-er.
I have tried. I have failed.

I see its benefits...especially with raising kids.
Especially with raising our kids (glad you can not see my tears).

I've given you a glimpse here and there...

Not all of my boys were blessed with a good start to life.
And it's something we have to work through...daily.
It can be hard for all of us.
And that's ok.
It's part of OUR story as a family.


I don't want to only remember the hard parts.
It's easy to focus on the hard parts.

I want to remember the happy parts.
I don't want the hard to erase the happy in my memory.
Sometimes, I'm afraid it will.

My solution: HAPPY MEMORIES journal-ing...

  • 1 for each of my boys (from Michael's...the circus theme is PERFECT)

  • I am big into stamping right now...

  • Where I jot down the "Happy Memories"(moments we share; acts of love; "firsts"; when they're funny; when they're happiest; what they enjoy; etc.)...

It's not exactly journaling.
More like record keeping.
Kind of a mix between a baby book and a journal.

Maybe it's a little corny.

But I know this...I won't forget the Happy!

Psst...this could be a nice DIY gift for mom or grandmom. Fill the first page with some memories you have of the 2 of you...she'll love it! Bonus, it's easy and budget friendly! Double bonus...Mother's day is coming!

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  1. I peeked at your "happy" journal page- I think I like where Armani's story is going :)


Thank you for the note!