Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Just for MOM" Giveaway...Sarah B Flannagan

As's the first giveaway in the "Just for Mom Giveaway Spree"!

A beautiful  "Petite Pendant necklace" (your choice of design) by Sarah B Flannagan!

How do you pick just one?

I'm gonna give you a couple entry options (with each option before you leave an indiviual comment letting us know how you chose to enter. You could have up to 7 opportunites to win!) ...
  1. Mandatory...for 1 entry - comment at the end of this post answering one of these 2 questions: Which would you choose? Are you hoping to win this for you or another fab mom?
  2. Optional...for 1 entry - "LIKE" Sara B Flannagan on facebook, leave a comment telling her Hidden Cupcakes sent you
  3. Optional...for 1 entry - "LIKE" Hidden Cupcakes on facebook
  4. Optional...for 2 entries - twitter this post
  5. Optional...for 2 entries - share this post on facebook, stumble upon, or google buzz.
Be sure to stop by Sarah's shop...she has a fab selection!


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  2. Tracey! I love your blog; you are so creative and a great writer. I would LOVE to win one of Sarah B Flanagan's petite initial necklaces:) I would love to give my fabulous mom this for mother's day!
    - Jess "Stouff" Moyer

  3. i am making my mother a clothes pin bag out of one of her own baby dresses given to me by my i would love to keep the sunburst pendant for myself : )

  4. and already "love" hidden cupcakes on FB!

  5. I love the petite initial necklaces (: I would love to give it to my mom! If I win I'd probably buy another one and give it to my grandmother too.

  6. I love the little plant second from the right. There is something so therapeutic about it. And I would love to win this for would be like therapy on a string budget!!!! ha ha ha! :)

  7. I love the sunburst and if I win I would give it to one of my daughters and order another for my second daughter, both fabulous moms.

  8. I already "love" Sarah B. Flannagan's fb page and now liking Hidden Cupcakes!!

  9. I definitely want to be selfish and win this for . . . wait for it . . . myself!

    I liked Hidden Cupcakes on Facebook. Tweeted out the post.

    Great giveaway and I love your blog.

  10. how sweet!
    I would LOVE to win this for my Mother as my toddler son JUST broke one of her necklaces by hanging on to it while climbing out of the bath last night. I would pick the big heart for my Mom - because that is what she has!

    (PSMM hello!)

  11. I love them all but would choose the little baby foot print for my dear friend who just found out she is having TRIPLETS...three GIRLS!!!

  12. loving the stacked necklaces! I think I'd include the names of my future kids as well!

  13. Sarah B FlanaganMay 8, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    @Mrs. B

    Mrs. B - Since you are the winner, could you send me your contact information to


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