Friday, April 29, 2011

"Just for MOM" Giveaway...Waste Not reycled Art...

Here's giveaway #2...Personalized Photo Letter Blocks by Waste Not Recycled Art

The giveaway is for a set of 6 Blocks!
You have lots of creative freedom with this one...
  • Personalizing with your pics and "phrase". (up to six letters)
  • Picture color: sepia, b & w, color
  • Block Color: (distressed) white, black, or red
I would individualize each block.
Using the first initials of my "little" family with corresponding pics.
I would do 2 sets of  "Mom" for both mine and my hubs mother. Choosing pics of their kids...

Really your options are limitless. That's what I love about this giveaway!

Entry is easy for this one....
Tell us - How would you personalize your 6 blocks if you won? (comment below)

Remember all "Just for Mom" giveaways end Thursday May 5th.

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  1. Wow I love these! I think I would spell out the blocks "FAMILY" (or other 6 character word) with each block having a different favorite moment of ours.

  2. awesome idea! i had also thought to use the word 'family' with pics from our recent professional photo session. good taste, sonya!

  3. FAmily! Love this idea!!! Put pics of each of us and two of our fav places...the beach and our home. Soo cute!

  4. VERY cute!!
    I would spell out W LOLLY - W for my son and Lolly is what he calls my Mom. And of course the photos would be of the two of them together.

  5. I'd also spell out family and do pics of each of my mom's kids and grandkids for her!

  6. I'd personalize with some smiling faces of my fam!


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