Thursday, April 7, 2011

Martha Makes Ribbon...

Did you know Martha has a "Ribbon line"?
I got some today...

I love ribbon.
It can be used for so many things! (ribbon always makes "it" prettier)

Which reminds me...

I have a "ribbon project" in the works. (thus my run to Michael's for Martha's finest...only 1 dollar!)
I can't reveal to many details just yet.
This photo is my inspiration...

Isn't it so fun?!
It is from an engagement party.  
You can read about the party at Oh Chickadee things to love.... It looks like just the kind of party I would love to attend.

Tell me...what are some creative ways you use ribbon?

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  1. Hi Hidden Cupcake- Just wanted to say "thanks" for featuring my streamer ceiling installation! I hope you post pics of your finished product, I would love to see it!


Thank you for the note!