Monday, April 4, 2011

Portable Pancake Party (DIY)

So Saturday was KK's b-day.
We had to help her celebrate.
Not only does she do SO much for our "little" family...
She knows just how to make me feel special...
You can count on her for the little touches.
(OK, getting emotional here)


With 4 kids in tow, options are limited, so we decided to bring a "party" to her.
Thus, the "Portable Pancake Party" was born.
I think it was a great idea, and a huge success.
(Bonus, our 4 boys did very little damage to their very cute townhouse.)

Here's the DIY/recap:
1)Birthday Girl - no "working" allowed. She had to stay upstairs while we set-up the party. (Her hubs cleaned before we got there, so she also got to sleep in.)
Always bring flowers for the b-day girl. KK loves Gerber Daisies...its fun to buy flowers when you know what they like!
2)Bring as much prior-made as you can & keep the decor simple. Use your drinks/food as part of your decor, limiting the time for set-up and your travel load.
 A layered centerpiece:
*Pretty pinwheels in Play dough (containers)
*Colorful canned beverages (I heart Izze)
* Muffin Mania (tied it all together)
Decor tip: simple/practical/little touches...that make it fun/unique..
Do you see what I see?
Mustache straw toppers! Woo hoo!
3) Every birthday needs a cupcake. Sticking with the breakfast theme, I'd go muffin with coordinating frosting. I went with a Banana muffin topped with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. (KK is the cupcake queen, so  I felt the pressure with this one.)
Once we were all set up (about 15 min) we greeted KK on the stairs with a round of the Happy Birthday Song and traditional b-day candle...

 4)Dig in Enjoy.
Some extra fun pics:
Captain (KK's hubs...who graciously took real pics because I had no SIM card in my camera...these are iPhone pics)...
 Boys on a Sugar high...
 My helpful hubs (who scrambled the eggs and cooked the bacon while I set the table. We're a great team)...
  • Don't over do it! It should take no longer than 20 minutes to set-up...the guest of honor is waiting...alone.
  • Be flexible. The idea behind the portable party is to bring an inconvenient celebration to someone you think deserves it! Don't invade their house and their day...unless they insist. (The whole party was an hour and a half. We came. We celebrated. We left.)
  • Leave it as you found it. Clean up your mess. Don't bring a party and then leave the mess for the guest of honor to deal with! (My hubs cleaned the dishes too...he's perfect)
  • Keep the Menu Simple.

Buttermilk Pancakes (made prior)
Eggs (scrambled on site)
Bacon (sizzled on site)
Home made whip cream (made prior)
Banana Muffins with Chocolate cream cheese frosting (made prior)
Fresh Fruit (prepared prior)

Oh don't need a birthday to have an excuse to throw someone a "Portable Pancake Party". You just need someone special!

Have you "brought the party"...share the fun! (comment below)


  1. love love love this idea!!!

  2. I had a wonderful day and you and your family bringing a party to me made it all the more FABULOUS!!
    i loved the muffins and let a few of my friends split one, they also thought they were pretty great.
    thanks again for making my birthday extra special.
    love you!


Thank you for the note!