Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty Cupcake Photo Challenge...

This beautiful, dark chocolate cherry, cupcake is making my mouth water!
Thank you Stephanie Nelsen...for sharing it with us.
Your office throws a yummy party!
it inspired me...

Announcing: Pretty Cupcake Photo Challenge

How it's gonna work:
  • Starts today ends the 21st
  • upload a photo of your prettiest cupcake HERE.
  • you can enter up to 1 photo a day for the duration of the contest
  • Starting Monday there will be daily semi-finalist posts
  • the finalist will be announced April 23rd
  • the winner will be announced April 25th.
  • the prize - This is for fun and a little bit of fame. There will be a Blog feature where the winner can proudly display other photo's!
Some tips:
  • Be creative with your photos...there are lots of ways to make a cupcake look pretty
  • Try to enter a photo a day
  • You don't have to actually bake the cupcakes...this is a PHOTO contest (but if you do bake them and can share the recipe!)
  • Never let a pretty cupcake go to waste! Be sure to gobble up that treat once you're done snapping photo's!
Now...go grab a cupcake and snap some pics!


  1. you're welcome! what a fun idea. we have a staff member that also has a side business called "just cakes." we are very fortunate in the office birthday department : )

  2. Thanks for inviting me to include my Cupcake Love photo! This looks like a fun event. Enjoy!!

  3. thanks for do this contest it gave me a reason to head in to the city for Brown Betty cupcakes .. we got there and it was so late they were almost sold out. But I did get to try there pineapple cake yummy.. my daughter wanted chocolate so i have to sub in a non Betty cake.. but she is forgiven because I love the shot we got.

  4. are making me want a Brown Betty cupcake...YUMMY!

  5. THanks for the invite!! Love your blog...

  6. @SharonThanks for the photo! And welcome to Hidden Cupcakes!

  7. @Kristin - The Goat It has been a super fun event! Thanks for the photo! You can add one each day...if you're so inspired :)


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