Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty Cupcake Photo Challenge...WINNER!

And the winner is...
(Drum roll)

"Cupcake Time"
By Point. Jump. Shoot.

I love everything about this photo:
  • The Tinting
  • The Aperture
  • The Perspective
  • The 3 lights in the background
  • The 1/2 eaten cupcake
  • The imperfectly painted fingernails
  • The dab of icing on the fingers
  • That it makes me want to go out right now and get a cupcake!

Congrats and much applause for Point. Jump. Shoot.
Be sure to contact me so we can set up your BLOG Feature!

Congrats to all our finalists...
And a super special thanks to all our entries!
So many great photo's...go HERE to see the entire collection!

Stay tuned...another photo challenge coming in May!


  1. P.S. Is this available to purchase?


  2. @ShabbyLifeOh I Hope so! Wouldn't that be lovely? I'm still waiting for the winner to reveal his/her "self"...(ths suspense is killer)

  3. Love the photo, especially the black nails, so prefect!

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  5. @Tracey Lynne In case you didn't find her, she's on Etsy!

  6. @ShabbyLifeLOL I did find her. Thanks! And...stay tuned...this pic may reappear during our giveaway spree :)


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