Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty Cupcake Photo Challenge...WINNER!

And the winner is...
(Drum roll)

"Cupcake Time"
By Point. Jump. Shoot.

I love everything about this photo:
  • The Tinting
  • The Aperture
  • The Perspective
  • The 3 lights in the background
  • The 1/2 eaten cupcake
  • The imperfectly painted fingernails
  • The dab of icing on the fingers
  • That it makes me want to go out right now and get a cupcake!

Congrats and much applause for Point. Jump. Shoot.
Be sure to contact me so we can set up your BLOG Feature!

Congrats to all our finalists...
And a super special thanks to all our entries!
So many great photo's...go HERE to see the entire collection!

Stay tuned...another photo challenge coming in May!


  1. YAY, I love this photo!

  2. P.S. Is this available to purchase?


  3. @ShabbyLifeOh I Hope so! Wouldn't that be lovely? I'm still waiting for the winner to reveal his/her "self"...(ths suspense is killer)

  4. Love the photo, especially the black nails, so prefect!

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  6. @Tracey Lynne In case you didn't find her, she's on Etsy!

  7. @ShabbyLifeLOL I did find her. Thanks! And...stay tuned...this pic may reappear during our giveaway spree :)


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