Monday, May 2, 2011

Frosting File (DIY)...

A while back a sweet gal asked if I would share my buttercream frosting recipe.
No biggy.
(It's actually my mom's recipe)

This past weekend, I finally got around to typing it out for her.
(2 weeks later)
Yes. I could have emailed it to her, but where's the fun in that?
Of course, typing out a silly recipe wasn't much fun either so...

As you can see...
  • printed the recipes out on ruled paper
  • used a typewriter font (you can download those free)
  • backed each recipe with some fancy scrapbook paper (pink of course)
  • simple carboard for the front and back sleeve
  • stamps (black ink to go with the typewriter theme)
  • some rag yarn to tie/hold it all together
  • left it loose leaf
I threw in a couple of my other fave buttercream recipes as an apology for the delay. (cocoa, espresso, and white chocolate)

Think she'll like it?

Give this DIY a Mother's Day twist:
  • label it "MOM FILE"
  • print out poems describing or phrases that describe your mom
  • have last one be a personal thank you note for all she's done for you

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  1. cute! i love the stamping. small wooden alphabet stamps were one of the best purchases i've made for myself : )


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