Thursday, May 19, 2011

An interview with PickPocket Shop...

Today is my fave post for PickPocket Shop!
An Interview and some photo's from behind the scenes.

I have had a blast getting to know Lauren and the inner worksing of her awesome boutique.
There's something about "knowing" someone that makes you love their stuff even more!

So..I want you to "know" Lauren because I want you to love her shop just as mcuh as I do.
I promise you: she's super cool, super chic, and super real.

Read on...

THE Q's & A's:

1) So...tell us a little more about this "dream" (the one that inspired your shop)
I woke up super happy one morning after having a very vivid, very uneventful dream about owning a little boutique called Pickpocket. I really liked the name (well played, subconscious!) and when I decided to start an online shop, I obviously had to name it that.
**Love it! (so many cliche's I could use right now...but that might take away from how awesome I think this is.)

2) Is pickpocket shop all yours? Or do you share the fame with another?
Besides help from my friends at our shoots every few weeks, Pickpocket is my own little project.

 3) Your fab models...Where did you find them?
My lovely models are a few of my good friends here in Richmond. They're some of the most fun, welcoming, and creative people I know. Doesn't hurt that they're pretty either...
**They are super cute...and I love how they cover a range of body types. Helps when trying to decide if the outfit will look good on ME.

3b)What about your photographer, Karen? (We love Karen! Her Profile photo ROCKS!
Karen is my roommate and good friend. She was looking for a new photography project a few months ago so I brought this up to her. I know it's her photography that makes the site look as professional as it does so I owe her a HUGE thank you for taking this on. She has a great eye for photos but she's also great at making you feel relaxed while she's taking your picture. And some of my favorite pictures of the past few months have been from Karen's party photobooths.
**(Pssssst: Readers...visit Karen's site HERE)

4) Just how big is your closet? Could you possibly run out of inventory? (I would just die)
My boyfriend can attest to how many clothes I own because he was the one lugging garbage bag after garbage bag up the stairs into my apartment when I moved in. (I think I had about 20 garbage bags full of clothes.) So yes it'll be a while before I run out of stock but if and when that day comes, I would consider doing something with clients that's sort of the opposite of personal shopping... Personal selling I guess? Is that a thing? It is now, I guess!
**I think this is a FAB idea! Don't you!

OK time to get a "Little More Personal":

 5) What do you do when you're not pickpocket-ing? (money-making-wise)
By day, I'm an account manager at an ad agency but I worked in fashion for 4 years before that. Pickpocket is my way of continuing to do the fun parts of my old job like photo shoots and styling.
**Wow. You're cool.

6) Ideal Thursday night:
a)comfy sweats, red wine, and girl friends
b)party dress, heels, and happy hour!
(yep I said Thursday)
My former self is rolling her eyes right now but I'd have to say comfy sweats, red wine, and girl friends.
**I think our former selves and present selves would be good friends.

7) Favorite color?

Blue! All shades...
8) hair: up or down ?

Down, most days.
9) heels or flats

Flats (once again, excessive eye rolling from my younger self)
10) skinny jeans or flare

Skinny. I don't think I'll ever stop loving the clean look of skinnnies
11)Aside from Pick Pocket (of course)...where's your fave place to get cute clothes?
Richmond's own Need Supply is my new favorite spot.  I also love everything EmersonMade does...
**Thanks for the intro! Readers... go HERE to visit Need Supply. (it's grand)

12) Any inspirations/hero's you'd care to gush about?
My style inspirations are Diane Kruger, Fearne Cotton, and my friends. The other day I saw Hunter with a vintage bag that she'd attached a fox tail to and it was the coolest looking thing ever. I now want to attach fox tails to all my bags. My friends tend to make brave but awesome fashion decisions.
Thanks Lauren! We LOVE you!
Now...time to go shopping!

Pssst...If you buy from PickPocket Shop...maybe you could give HiddenCupcakes come love.
(just sayin)

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