Monday, May 16, 2011

KK & I do Mom Day...

This weekend we wrapped up the "Mother's Day celebrations" with a party for my Mom.
She's the "Bestest"!
Here's a peek:
Hand Stamped with love.

ALMOST to pretty to eat

The ever present Izze

A special "flower pin" for the gues of honor.
Sweets and Treats

Yum, yum

Sing alongs (she was the only one singing along)


Hand made cards.
Like I said...She's the BESTEST!
  • Always there in a pinch
  • Supportive
  • Giving, giving, giving
  • Takes my 'tudes like a champ
  • Loves my boys
  • Loves my hubs
  • Loves to love
  • Creative, fun, energetic...and we could go on.
Much of who I am comes from this wonderful woman.
I am forever grateful for all the many ways that she always let me know "I am loved".
I love you mom.

Part of her gift from KK and I was a are a few fun pics from that event


  1. I love the bottom photo. So much. It's a great picture of all 3 of you!

  2. the bottom photo is great! cuteness runs in the family!

  3. It was an absolutely wonderful evening with the family! Thanks so much, Tracey and KK for making me feel so special! Everything was perfectly beautiful, including the pictures.
    P.S. Tracey, your Pop-Pop T. would have been thrilled with the rabbit ears picture as that was his favorite thing to do to whoever was positioned next to him.


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