Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mixed Media Mama...

Not to be a "Negative Nelly" but...there just isn't any stylish "Christian Art" out there.
You know it's true.
It's ok. was true.
I hope to be the first to introduce you to: In His Grace... (a collection of handcrafted, mixed media art)

This is a "shop" I can get behind...
Not only is EVERYTHING gorgeous...but 25 % of all proceeds go directly to CBC Seminole, a local foster and adoption agency.
Yep...I'm into that.

Visit In His



    here is also some really good christian art : )

    p.s. love the quilted stuff from 'in his grace' and the organization supported. some dear friends of ours just returned from congo with the new addition to their family, two year old jovie virgine - she is a doll!

  2. @steph nelsenOoh la la! You're right.Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Congrats to your friends ontheir adoption (love her name!)


Thank you for the note!