Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Now Taking on "Partners"...

Hidden Cupcakes Is Now in the "partner" business.

And I'm super excited to ANNOUNCE our first Partner!

Are you ready?
Wait for it...

No Plain T's!!!!!! (Insert super excited squeal HERE)

You probably remember them from the "Just for MOM" giveaway spree...
Many of you couldn't get enough!

Well, add me to that list of "can't get enough".

I just got my first Flower Cluster Pin this week!
I love it.
Look how great it is!

It adds just the perfect touch of girly to my otherwise boring T!
Don't you agree?

Seriously...I can think of a million outfits to pair this with! (I can't wait to get started)

Thank you No Plain T's!
I LOVE my Flower Cluster Pin.

You should definitely go check out the shop. (Here's a link to get you started: LINK.  OR Click on their button in the right column)
What will you wear your Flower Cluster Pin with? (share in the comment section below...inspire me)

**Interested in becoming a partner of Hidden Cupcakes? Email me at tracey.lynne@hiddencupcakes.com We can hash out the details**


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