Monday, May 16, 2011

I PickPocket (shop) should too...

Welcome to Monday.
Welcome to PickPocket Shop...
An "online second hand boutique-y shop" where you will find great prices on FAB designer clothes.
Meet Lauren: (we'll get to know her better later this week)
Lauren started Pickpocket after having a dream one night that she owned a small boutique by that same name. Realizing she had a talented photographer as a roommate, tons of pretty friends, and a LOT of stuff she didn’t need, she decided to start an online shop to give her clothes and accessories better homes

(Isn't she adorable?)
Bonus, she has great taste in clothes and she's wants to share them with you.

I stumbled upon PickPocket Shop via Twitter...after Lauren stumbled upon me. was pretty much "love at first sight"...I stalk the shop for new finds almost everyday.

Here's how it works:
Lauren posts the clothes on the shops site(the extras from her fantastic wardrobe)
And you get to buy the clothes
But...Remember...these are direct from Lauren's closet...there is only 1 of each item! have to be the first to email her about the article if you want it.
No time to WAIT!
(These clothes are hot you really really don't want to hesitate here)
It's a RUSH when you get the item you email about (At least for me it was...I was so super nervous it had sold already)

Here are a few of my Still available Faves: (click the pic)

You can purchase pieces individually OR buy the whole outfit at a discounted price!

Seriously, I could go on and on (and I will later this week).
Now Go PickPocket!
Tell me what you get!


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