Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pinwheels & Tulips...

So...this weekend we "hosted" a "SURPRISE PARTY" for our SisInLaw (Audi).
well...technically..her hubs (Ben) was the host...we just had the party at our house.

Which left me in charge of...
DECORATING!!!!!! (enter squeals here)

The goal: light and fun

The result: Lots of Tulpis. Lots of Pinwheels. Lots of Fun.


It was a great time.
Still suffering from "Party Hangover" though...

How did you spend your 3 day weekend?


  1. it was beautiful tracey. your home and its little touches made it so so special. the party was the perfect cherry on top of the best birthday ever :)

  2. @willeya our pleasure! But the real credit goes to your hubs.


Thank you for the note!