Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They have loved...

Today I threw a mini  "belated Mom day" party for my Mother in-law and grandmother in-law (a.k.a. Noni)
To honor them...
It was a surprise...

Simple and sweet.

Ready for a photo.
We dined on the lawn.

Shade was provided (kinda)

Coffee (of course)

A Mother/Daughter Photo shoot was had

Once a mother...always a mother!

Simply lovely.
Two Beautiful Women...
Two Beautifully gracious women...
Two Beautifully gracious women who have loved...
Two Beautifully gracious women who have loved and who choose to love...

May I love my own children as graciously as they love theirs.

I love you Mom Willey.
I love you Noni.
Thank you for loving me...through it all...I have never doubted your love.


  1. You are amazingly creative and thoughtful! What a sweet way to honor them.

  2. What a wonderful day. I LOVE the mother-daughter photos. They are fabulous!

  3. How sweet! Thanks for sharing on my Mother's Day link:)


Thank you for the note!