Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Front Doors...

With the massive gardening project behind us...
(Yes, I know gardening is an unending project that is never truly behind you.

I am itching for a mini (exterior) home makeover!


For color:
I'm leaning towards BLUE.
Here are some inspirations:

1. This color would go best with the INTERIOR of our home.
I LOVE how the knob is in the MIDDLE of the Door!
(now to convince the hubs)
In my next life...I will paint wooden floors.
2. I really like the unassuming richness of this color...
AND the centered knob.

3.This color is so "Tracey"
AND...Another "centered" knob.
(a trend...I must join)
I also love the door knocker here.

4.I will take 1 of everything pictured here
(what an inviting entryway)

Which shade of BLUE would you choose?
What color is your front door?


  1. I would choose the "Tracey" color :) I love it!

  2. I love these examples. I never thought I would like the color blue for anything related to interiors or house colors. Then I bought a blue shingled house and now I'm in my blue phase and loving it. I found a vintage aqua bathroom pedestal sink, am using a grayed out aqua blue for my stair risers, and serendipidously, I hired a craftsman to make me a "shabby chic" bookcase and he chose old wood with peeling aqua paint as the backing. These pics are giving me door color ideas. Thank you!

  3. What is the actual color and company that makes the color of the "Tracey?" Love it!


Thank you for the note!