Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bow Ties are BACK (!) ...

It was bound to happen.
No way the mustache was coming back in style without it's partner the: BOW TIE!
(I can't decide which I like more)

I completely stumbled upon this (basically) BRAND NEW shop on ETSY:

Spare Time Artisan (what a great shop name)

So like I said...
The Shop is (basically) BRAND NEW.
Opened on June 11, 2011.

The inventory is kinda small...you better hurry to get yours.
Father's day is this Sunday, June 18th.

Dad's should rock these.
Get one HERE!

Pssst...I just decided. I like the bow tie more. You?

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  1. Robert has been a "bow tie guy" for as long as I've known him- remember, we went to a school where guys had to wear ties to class every day. ;) (He even wore one in our wedding!) So, I'm definitely gonna go with the bow tie...off to check out the Etsy shop!


Thank you for the note!