Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cupcakes for Teacher...

I know I promised Father's Day review...but that is just going to have to wait.

Today is Shy's last day of 1st grade!!!
(sniff...he's getting to BIG).

His teacher's are the coolest.
They have been amazing.
Coming beside us to help Shy be his best.
We never doubted that they had his best interests in mind.

They deserve a round of applause..or at least a great gift.
I decided to do a little homemade + a little store bought.

Here's the result:

A giftcard
Cupcakes in a JAR (tutorial) 1 for each teacher and their spouse...

I am forever grateful.
I will miss them next year.
2nd grade has big shoes to fill.

Oh and Just for fun I made "pinwheel cupcake sandwiches" for the class.
(hand delivered in a fance "Pizza Box Cupcake Carrier")

Make your own "Pinwheel Cupcake Sandwiches":
  • cut cupcake in half
  • pipe your fave flavor icing onto the bottom half. (start from center and swirl out)
  • place top on
  • add a flower of icing to top
  • poke an upside down choc. chip in center of flower
  • All done!
Make your own "Pizza Box Cupcake Carrier":
  • Wipe out Pizza Box
  • Line pizza box with foil
  • Wrap side of pizza box with 1.5" ribbon (secure with tape at each end)
  • Cover lid with scrapbook paper (you could also use wrapping paper)
  • Embellish as desired
  • Holds 20 cupcakes


  1. Leave it to you to come up with something so special. I love this idea...His teachers will love this too!

  2. the note on the cupcake in a jar made me cry. when they are burnt out and lacking purpose, they will come back to words like these (i would anyways) to give energy for the day. really beautiful.

  3. @willeyaI hope so. Was the very least we could do.

  4. the pizza box carrier is genius! i'm totally using that someday : )

  5. What a great way to show Shy's teachers how much you appreciate them!?! The note alone would have been enough for me when I was teaching...the cupcake is the icing!


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