Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daydreams of Anthro...

If I were to stumble upon an unlimited amount of  "Anthro bucks"...

And this I would wear to the beach...every possible chance I could.
Oh Anthro how you tease me with your fab SALES!
(yes this is on all on sale)

Alas, as far as I know...there is no such thing as "Anthro Bucks".
Unless of course there is something you are not telling me...

Do you have an Anthro wish list?
(I bet you do)
What's on it?


  1. Whoa, I need those sandals! Yes, NEED!

    Ok, it's just a want :(


  2. I say we take a vote and put Anthro Bucks into being! And we get first dibs! Beautiful choices. Oh, Anthro... :]

  3. @Shabby LifeAMEN! Trying to seel the hubs on the "need" idea...hee hee :)


Thank you for the note!