Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Photo "ideas"...

If your hubs is anything like mine, he isn't a huge fan of the camera.
(That's OK)

You know and I know that "one day" he'll be glad you made him say "cheese" with the kids all those times.
"One day" the kids will be all grown and (despite our greatest efforts) our memories fade.

Here are few photo ideas any hubs would be OK with:
Action shot
(Just have them "play" doing what they do)
Calling this one "copy cat"
(could be copies baby...if there are siblings...they all copy Baby)

Family Feet
('nough said)
Off camera...almost
(this one is great! It totally captures him being a great dad without making him "cheese")
(Dad's back to the camera...surrounded by the say "cheese")
Ok...still not sure the hubs will agree...I'll have to be very sneaky...shhhhhh!
He's a BLOG follower.

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