Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forts for Fantasy...

On a rainy day...
Not to long ago...
A Fort of sheets was made.
And 4 little boys found themselves instantly transported to a magical place...
Enter & let your imagination take you.

Sneaking a peek while I set up the pillow path

Fantastical Friends Were Waiting
An unintended skylight

Travels through the tunnels lined with pillows

Waiting for their playmates

Reunited...AT LAST!

Sharing explorer secrets (Ok not really)
Then there was one...who was not granted entrance.

His heart Broken...he could not resist...and with one fatal tug...

It was all OVER.
Fairytale aside...they hurried in to gobble up their Pizza in front of the movie.

No worries...I put it back up while they were sleeping.

Here's another DIY Fort Idea from Saltwater Kids:

You should def visit Saltwater Kids for the full tutorial HERE.
I will most certainly be giving these as gifts!!!

Or how about this one?
Found at Country Living...
(made with a few roller shade and a sharpie coffee table is screaming makeover!)

Oh and Forts aren't just for kids...
Look at this DIY fort I found on Design Sponge (Ooh La La)...

That should be enough inspiration for you.
Now GO!


  1. i love this! there's nothing like a good fort. marrin uses yoga mats for roofs, haha

  2. This is awesome, Forts are the best!

  3. @TaraThank you! I agree, Forts are the BEST!

  4. Awesome fort. My little man and I love us a good fort. Its the best place to waste the day away...


Thank you for the note!