Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Missing Farmers Stand...

Driving down the same old road and I can't help but notice this sign has been updated:

What's so special about this sign?
Pretty average Jersey produce prices.
Pretty average Jersey produce being sold.
Yep, it's a pretty average Farmer's Stand sign.
Only...there was no Farmer's Stand.

However, there were/are fields of produce.
Are you supposed to go pick your own?
We didn't.
We took pictures (on the iPhone) instead.
Thing 1 & Thing 3

Thing 1 & Thing 3

Thing 1 has an interest in picture taking...hasn't quite mastered it yet.

Secretly, I love that his little fingers are in the pics...will be a memory of his "smallness".

Yeah...only so many pictures you can take at a "Missing Farmers Stand"
Where is the random place you just HAD to stop and snap a few pics?

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  1. We used to call those pictures with little fingers "Pinky goes to" pictures. As in, "Pinky goes to Washington" or "Pinky goes to the beach." I've always wanted to do something fun with all my old "Pinky" pics!


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