Thursday, July 7, 2011

Counting down...

in 23 days...our "Thing 4" turns 1.

I'm currently in the process of planning the celebration.
I'm stuck.

Originally I was thinking MASSIVE PARTY!!!!
But...that's not going to work out.

1st birthdays are for the parents. We know that.
They are for celebrating the JOY of having this little blessing in your life.
They are for celebrating the gratefulness of having the little blessing in your life.
I want to celebrate these things.



  1. like you said, first birthdays are for the family. for gage's first party i just bought decorations at the dollar store. we didn't do anything super special except reminisce about the past year. maybe a super sappy slideshow?

  2. Maybe it's a good time to start a bday tradition? Like a yearly slideshow or particular type of cake? I love those DIY photo booths for the guests too...

  3. Hello Hello!!! I am a new follower! Taking part on one of your giveaway! Take care
    Giulia xox

  4. write him letters. make top 10 lists (cute things, funny things, memorable moments, what you enjoyed, his unique qualities). pictures. and then scrapbook any or all of it. get the other three babysitters and spend the day with just you, him, and "hubs" doing his "favorite" things (we took A to story time at the library, he picked out his very first ball, took a walk, and then let him have all the fruit he wanted). and then scrapbook it :) have a girl party in the afternoon with his grandmothers and aunties (honorary ones included) where he's the "man of the hour" and we all sit around and get mushy the way only women/mothers can :).

  5. We're doing a "One in Flash" party next year for ours - got tons of ideas on Pinterest. But I really like Willeya's ideas! So, cute! One thing we're going to do is a time capsule for him to open when he's 18...think we'll also do that traditional "smash cake."

  6. @AlleAgreed! Willeya had fab ideas and I'm planning on using a few of them. And yes...smash cakes are classic. Love it!

  7. @willeyaYOU knowI LOVE it, right? Thanks!!!!!


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