Thursday, July 14, 2011

A daily conversation with Strangers...

Ok, so here's a conversation I find myself involved in...daily.
Once upon a time this conversation was nice, turned into a bother, and now it's just funny...

Total Stranger: Are they all yours?
Me: Yep. They're are all mine

Total Stranger: ALL of them?
Me: Yep. All 4 of them.

Total Stranger: You have your hands full.
Me: Yep.

Total Stranger; Which are "yours"?
Me: They all are.(I know what he/she means)

Total Stranger: Did you "have" them all or adopt?
Me: (sigh) We adopted our older 2 and gave birth to our younger 2.
Total Stranger: What a wonderful thing you're doing. They are so blessed.
Me: Our lives have surely been equally blessed if not more.
Total Stranger: That is so sweet! Everybody needs love.
Me: I sure do...I'm super needy that way

Total Stranger chuckles.

Total Stranger: Are you going to try for a girl?
Me: NO.

Total Stranger: Well I know a lady who had all boys and she...
Me: Ok Boys, time to go!

I have 4 boys.

Yes, that is slightly comical considering the love I have for: pink, ruffles, & bows.
I am not going to try for a girl.
My heart and hands are full.
And I couldn't be happier.

I have 4 boys.
Lucky me. :)


  1. And they sure are 4 adorable little boys :o)

  2. i adore having boys. i can't imagine having it any other way.

    i would probably get annoyed and say they all had different daddies.

  3. brother is a little pissed that he didn't get dunkin donuts!

  4. That's my dream to have 4 boys! I love boys!!!

  5. you have a beautiful family and, well, really not such an uncommon situation. sheesh, get with it people! : ) great answers though! it's easy to see how much fun your family has and how close you all's one of the reasons i love this blog!

  6. four very amazingly beautiful boys. I have one girl and one boy and Ryland is enough boy for me to handle <3

    I'm new here- I really love your blog and style and everything momma. I am happy to make you a new daily read. grabbing your button asap.

    @two birds on a wire

  7. people ask if my sons have the same father :/

  8. I have four grandsons and am truly blessed. They are each unique and beautiful in their own way. They have a very wonderful, talented and creative Mommy that keeps them all busy with lots of fun projects, parties and play dates. And, she still manages to put together this great blog! Love, you, Tracey and I love those boys!

  9. each one is absolutely gorgeous! what an incredible family... i can never believe the stupid things that strangers say! i happen to look a great deal like my stepdaughter who is 18 and I am 38. we've been stuck in a number of awkward conversations, too. it makes you feel really normal to get away from people who would actually say these things! : )

  10. I love this!!! I've been sitting here drooling over how gorgeous your blog is, and didn't even realize you were an adoptive mama too! We just received a referral of our first little girl, born in Ethiopia. We can't wait to meet her :)


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