Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello to the Partners...

Let us all Say "Hello" to the 2 newest partners.

First up: Lauren of Red Dirt Girl Photography
An old friend and fab photographer.
Oh, AND she "pens" a blog!
We have found ourselves reunited via this grand world of social media...and it's been a blast!
Say Hello to Lauren:

I've been photographing children (and the families that adore them) for almost 3 years now, under the moniker Red Dirt Girl Photography. In doing this work, I draw inspiration from my daughter, from the natural world around me (whether that's the red clay hills of Virginia or my current locale in color-drenched Chester County, PA), from music (thank you very much, Emmylou Harris), film, fashion, food, and from a supernaturally talented crew of creative friends. I think children are inherently beautiful, and I think the same thing about dirt-caked carrots on a cutting board in my kitchen. I hope that the full range of my interests and influences comes through in the images I take. Inspiration overload is my default setting, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's also important to me that my photography business add beauty not just to my client's walls and family albums, but to our community at large and to the wide, wonderful world. In keeping with this philosophy, for every Portrait Collection purchased, I make a donation to an organization doing its part to make the world a better place. (You can learn more about my "Add to the Beauty" program by visiting my website, or reading this blog post.) )

When I've not got a camera in hand, you can be pretty sure that I set it down to pick up my pen. I've been writing stories and letters, poems and essays ever since I was old enough to climb up to my dad's desk and pluck away at the keys of his typewriter. The only real difference between then and now is that the desk is mine, and the typewriter has been replaced by my much loved Mac. My compulsion to pour my thoughts out on paper is as strong as ever, which means that blogging is a given for me. (And fortunately it's a natural complement to my photography.) Some photographers post "image only" blogs with a caption or two thrown into the mix. I am not that photographer. With a head full of inspiration, a heart full of conviction, and hands that won't sit still, I blog "at the intersection of life, love and photography." I hope you'll come by and check it out , and that you won't leave empty-handed or empty-hearted, but instead will walk away challenged, encouraged, enlightened or inspired by something that you find there. And in the meantime??

Next up: Nicole of The Lovely Poppy
I have Etsy to thank for introducing my to Nicole.
She's a beautiful artist with a HUGE heart and fabulous taste.
Say Hello to Nicole:

Hi, i’m Nicole from The Lovely Poppy.

I’m married to my amazing and handsome husband and we have a little pup named bailey. She’s undoubtedly the most spoiled dog on the block (in fact, she just got done eating steak with us for dinner). When I’m not fulfilling my passion of working with children with autism, I’m busy in the studio designing and creating handmade lovelies. I’m new to the handmade and blogging business, however I’m certainly enjoying the ride as I go. (the blog)

Aren't they lovely?
Be sure to stop by and visit their shops and BLOGs. You won't be disappointed. (Promise)
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Thank you for the note!