Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Howdy Partner...

Today s a fun day for me!
I am going to introduce you to my fab new "Partners" & fellow bloggers!

So...without further ado...

Here they are:

A FAB craft and inspiration BLOG "penned" by Anna...
She's: 24 & lovin' ... life, her man and her Lord.
Sharing withs us her daily creations, likes & fails.
Oh and she cooks...yummy, yummy treats!

A cutie patootie Etsy Shop, crafted by Dondi.
In her own words:
 Well, I'm a twenty-something yr. old gal who loves making fun jewelry and being creative! Bright colors and anything with "bling" make me very happy. =) I'm just getting started with my "design" business and I'm learning alot and having a blast along the way. Follow me on my BLOG to see my progress!

A FUN FUN Blog "peened" by Deanna.
A young mom who's sharing her journey with us. (we are lucky)
A few things you can expect to find (in her own words):
I started this blog about six months ago as a way for my mother in law to keep in touch with what was going on with her grandchildren. And it just went on from there. Now I'm an (almost) daily blogger who has a little bit of everything. Sarcasm, fashion, crafting, cooking, oh yeah, and mommy stuff too.

Pssst...she's hosting a Blog Party this week to celebrate hers & her sons birthday's...I'm so excited to be a part (my giveaway is on Thursday at 1)!

Libby Loves her Boys! (something we have in common)
Here's a word from Libby about what she does and why she does it:
I am a stay at home mom to my son, Zane and wife to my hard working husband, James. I am just trying to be a good mom to my little man and help him grow into a great person. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s the best thing ever but I know that I am doing what I was meant to be doing. So basically I am living my dream and blogging so that I can document the good, the bad and the ugly times of being a mommy to a one year old.

The one word I would use to descirbe "Gill".
Another young mom who put her plans to travel the world on "hold" to raise her little man!
See and read about her everyday adventures at Building Bumps!

Have a BLOG, SHOP, or organization you'd like to advertise on Hidden Cupcakes?
Check out the details HERE.


  1. Whoops! Had I known about this ( did I know about this? Probably, blerf ) I would have sent you something! Thanks though!

  2. Love it! It looks great!!! Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cupcake shirt in the post below!!!! I LOVE cupcakes so much they are a dream come true when I get one!!

  3. Thanks so much for talking about my blog and for the sweet compliments :o)


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