Friday, July 15, 2011

Instagram is my new fave...

The smart phone's newest way to network...via photo's.
Bonus...they have a bunch of fun "instant edit" options for your photo's!

Being a lover of good pics and interesting perspecitves...I can't help but be a lover of Instagram.
Here are a few of mine from this week:
If you have Instagram you can find me @ Hidden_Cupcakes.
See ya there!


  1. I tried to find you on Instagram and it took me to some weird girl that's half naked!! Come find me @mrsuglesich! I wanna follow you cause you are the sweetest lady ever!!! :-)

  2. @Libby's LifeEwwwww! Sorry 'bout that I missed a piece of punctuation! Oopsie! I'll find you and follow!

  3. yeah it was quite icky! I did NOT want to see that but it's all good... all in the name of finding you!! :-)


Thank you for the note!