Friday, July 29, 2011

My Fave Baby...

So much fun this week!
Tomorrow still holds one last day of celebrating...
Coop's actual birthday.

Our plan:
My folks will come watch the older 3 boys for the afternoon/evening. While we're out they will set up a mini party. Complete with smash cake, ice cream & presents. Yippee!
The hubs and I are taking lil' Coop out to enjoy and celebrate him...just the 2 of us. Some intimate time with our youngest. (hard to come by when you are blessed some many littles) The only item on the agenda...a Ferris Wheel ride...and even that is open to change. We are both looking forward to the time we will have with just him.

A special thanks to Aunt Anna for sharing her great birthday ideas. This has been an extra special celebration week because of them :)

Happy weekend to YOU!
Happy Birthday to Coop.
My fave Baby in the WHOLE WORLD!!

Momma loves you little Cooper!

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  1. i was mentioned in your blog! (pump fist ;). but no seriously, i am honored that i contributed to making coop's birthday special. he is so special.

    and yes, i am reading your blog at 3:30 am. i have this running tradition that i don't sleep the night before vacation ;)


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