Thursday, July 14, 2011

SweetSeat (drool find)...

Oh MY. Oh MY. Oh MY!!!

Have you seen the Sweet Seat Booster Seats?!
I love them!

Handcrafted on a country farm in San Antonio, Texas.
A young family (eerily similar to my own) had enough with the incovenient hard plastic booster seats and decided to create their own. (read their full story here)

The result: a  gorgeous, retro style booster seat that will make you're older kids jealous.
(honestly, I'm a little jealous)

The seats are currently available in 9 fabulous fabrics!
Which is your fave? (Sweet-Seats)
(I desperately want the torquoise yellow & white floral!)


  1. those are GORGEOUS!! if i had a child in need of a booster i'd probably go for the green damask, which would coordinate really well with my dining room. (but my favorite is the bike print!) since my kid is almost 7, i guess i'll just have to keep these in mind for gifting purposes :)

  2. I love these. I want to buy one and I don't even have any kids yet.

  3. Oh wow! I need a kid just to have an excuse to get one of these! Do they make them in my size?Haha! The green damask one is my fav. If they had it in pink I'd just be over the moon!


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