Monday, August 1, 2011

Aunties & Grannies...

As you may recall this past weekend we celebrated out littlest man's 1st Birthday!

The festivities began on Wednesday with an Auntie & Grannie party...where Coop was "man of the hour" admist a sea of ladies who adore him and love his mama.

Here are a few highlights from the evening:
Customized birth announcement from Ferntree Studios

Waiting for the party to start in his personal hot air balloon.
(1 pack n play + 4 tie up shades + 8 clothes pins + 4 12" balloons)
Dressed to impress with his lil' bow tie and his itty bitty party hat!
(itty bitty party hat DIY tomorrow...promise)

It was a wonderful evening.
I am blessed to be loved by so many fabulous ladies.


  1. Oh my goodness this looks like a magazine shoot! I hope someday to be as creative as you when I throw a party. Wow! I love, love, love the hot air balloon theme...the bunting on his high chair, the rustic rocking chair, his party hat and bow tie, all the fabulous food, the table set up and your super cute outfit! =)

  2. great photos~ looks like the perfect day! i love the gift corrals, great idea!

  3. @steph nelsen I borrowed those fancy wire baskets from a friend. Pretty sure she got them at an antique store...of course :)

  4. This is one of the cutest and and chicest 1st birthday parties I've ever seen. You did such a fantastic job!

  5. Such amazing talent!! Both you and Michele blow me away with the creativity!! Happy 1st birthday to Cooper! Love the blog...just fabulous!

  6. ok seriously! the picture of cooper in the rocking chair is priceless! that needs to be in a frame asap! i look forward to the party hat diy! i want to make one for ryan!


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