Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Craft Party...

These adorable "sewing invites" have me inspired to throw a CRAFT PARTY!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to open one of these sweet little packages inviting you to an evening of creativity?!

Well...all my GIRLS...be checking your mailboxes...

(AND I don't want to hear "I'm not crafty"...I've got plenty of "craft" in me to share...)

Visit My Life {as a Sugar Lander} for more craft party inspirations!


  1. Can you invite me even though I live across the country?! :)

  2. Oh, fiddle. Why can't Jersey and Ohio be closer? Poop. I think you should host a Skype craft party - I'd totes be up for that! :)

  3. wow I just looked at her site- love all her ideas! What a fun thing to throw a craft party!!

  4. @AlleWhat an excellent suggestion! The brain is swirling with ideas!


Thank you for the note!