Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Photo's...

It's time for a Family Photo.
Our last one is well over a year old and missing a child. (poor Coop)

I may be the only one here excited about the opportunity to dress up and get a photo but...I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Just for fun...here are a couple past family photo's & brother photo's..

To see more pics from these shoots go HERE.
And...why don't your go ahead and upload a photo or 2 of your fave family photo shots or inspirations...
Maybe you'll inspire our upcoming shoot!


  1. Seriously, you have the most adorable family eva! So cute! I can't wait for our first family photo shoot (my Dad's a professional photographer - so we get freebies!). Blessings, today!

  2. you should do a remake of the overalls picture! too cute! :)

  3. i uploaded the proof from the "Waste Not Recycled Art" giveaway that i was so fortunate to have won. we love the "family" blocks. they look fabulous in our living room. they were our first professional family photos and marrin was three! it was freezing and she had an ear infection - it was really amazing that they turned out so well : ) you have such a cute family!

  4. Oh how precious! I love it!

  5. are you kidding!? your family is so perfect! i love it! my favorite is the one with the 4 boys holding the frame! priceless!
    this past saturday we had family photos taken at the beach...i will have to share them with you!
    hope you had a great tuesday!

  6. @steph nelsen Thanks for the upload! You have a beautiful little family! (nice blocks)

  7. @deanna@delirious-rhapsody Isn't it the best?! It might not have the same affect with four...hmmm...

  8. @Alle Well...aren't you super lucky?! Be sure to share those pics!

  9. @babyboybakery Thanks sweets! I'm looking forward to seeing your fab family photo's


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