Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting the Conversation Started...

We try to keep our kids talking to us.
I think we do a pretty good job.

But...sometimes I wonder...just how "free" do my boys feel in our conversations?
(yes, they are 7 and under)

I nearly squealed when I stumbled upon these fantastic "conversation" notepads at Anthro.
I'm going to pick some up this week.

Each of my Boys would be able to do at least 1 of these (with a little help).

For us, it's important that our kids be able to identify what they're feeling.
Good, bad, or otherwise.
That's not always easy to navigate as a parent...
(I have a hard time not letting my own emotions get in the way)

The handy notepads are the perfect "Conversation Starters" for both of us.
Thanks Anthro!

Want one?
Click the pics to go straight to the notepad of your choice!


  1. love these! yet another reason i love anthro...

  2. Totally not a judgement but I wanted to let you know your header has a misspelling- fabulous.

    You have an adorable blog:)


Thank you for the note!