Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growth Chart (DIY)...

I wish I had started charting my kids heights sooner...especially since "Thing 2" is suddenly the size of "Thing 1"!
(When did that happen? HOW?)

Oh well...I suppose it's never too late to start!

Here's a cute DIY Growth Chart from the Creative Mama...


  1. Tracey, I was so excited to see you feature Shawna's growth chart post from the Creative Mama. Shawna has an endless amount of great ideas over at her blog!

    Like you, I haven't started a growth chart for my boys, but I've thought about "cheating" and looking up their height stats from when they were smaller and adding them in. I figure they'd never know. :)

    Love reading your blog,


  2. Thank you for sharing my growth chart! It was super fun to make!!


Thank you for the note!