Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hero Party...

This past weekend we went to a fabulously fun b-day party for a sweet 5 yr. old boy.
The theme;

Local Hero's & Super Hero's were honored!

The party began at the Firehouse and wrapped up back at the birthday boy's place for food, presents, and Super Hero photo booth action!

The hostess (and dear friend of mine) ...Super Jess...sewed each of the kids a fantastic capes...complete with Monogram!

Here are a few shots from the day...

Was lot's of fun!
Thanks to Super Jess for the invite :)


  1. What a sweet birthday party, I love the theme!

  2. Aw, love this! Looks like it was super fun

  3. This is such a great idea - and WHAT FUN it must have been for the little ones to play with the REAL fire hose... :)


Thank you for the note!