Thursday, August 25, 2011

House Rules...

I adore everything about these "House Rules"...
Suzie Beezie

Do you have "House Rules"?
Do you have them publicly posted somewhere?

Did you have "House Rules"?
Did your momma publicly post them?

We have house Rules.
They were posted...chalkboard style...but I have a new idea.
(it's a secret for now...I'll share soon)


  1. New-ish follower here... I've actually been following you for a while but this is the first time I've commented :) (LOVE your blog btw)

    I saw an idea a while back that I have been wanting to craft up for house rules... haven't made the time for it yet. These rules are awesome :) Look forward to see what you are doing :)

  2. @SarahThanks for the LOVE! I hope my kids Love my "idea" though I'm having my doubs...


Thank you for the note!