Monday, August 15, 2011

House Tour...The Kitchen...

Welcome to our humble home. Allow me to show you to the kitchen...

The view from the "breakfast nook"

Love my Keurig and Kitchen Accessories.

Measuring Cups from Anthro. Ring Dish from Michael's.

Yes. That is a chalkboard canister.

Here is where we stuff our paper-y things

Fridge Hanging's

More Fridge hanging's

Hook, Aprons, Pot Holders...Anthro.

I love an open pantry

Window Seat/Sewing Storage

The boys ART.

Yes. It is (was) a working long as your babies don't use it to play drums on the floor.

This is where we sit to eat.
"breakfast nook"

Take a look at the detail on the table.
My Pa made that for us.
He's the best!

The hubs gave me this our 1st Christmas married.
Makes me heart smile..

These numbers tell the story of our family.
All number from Anthro.

You go where you need to for the picture.

When we moved in our kitchen had been recently remodeled.
It was a beautiful kitchen...just not my taste.
So...what do I do?

We couldn't justify gutting a beautiful kitchen "just because".
So...I added some "Tracey" touches.

Mostly little touches: curtains, wall paint, furniture, faucet, accessories, etc.
2 BIG touches: resurfaced the cabinets & painted the fridge

Well...that's all for the kitchen.
Thanks for Stopping by.
(Forgive the's night time here.)


  1. Your kitchen is amazing! Seriously, exactly what I aspire my kitchen to be like! We're only renting so I can't do much really, just little added details! I wish we had an Anthro close by, that would be beyond amazing! xxx

  2. wow i loooooove your kitchen! Your special little touches make it so "you" and that table? you've got a talented dad :o) I enjoyed touring the heart of your home!

  3. what a beautiful kitchen! i love all your little extra special touches. :)

    and while i enjoy my keurig too, i drink WAY too much coffee to use that machine every day.

  4. the pantry is way cute!! i have some chalkboard canisters that i made with some sticky chalkboard labels that i punched with paper punches in the shape of a bird and decorative corners. they say "quinoa" and "rice". can't wait to see the rest of your house!

  5. I looove this kitchen! It's just amazing, one of the best I've seen!!


  6. @Shabby LifeThank you dear! If only the blue on the cabinets had shown through as it truly is...such is late night lighting :)

  7. @bethxloveLittle details make a big difference...I too was once a renter...

  8. @deanna@delirious-rhapsodyAhh yes...we go through a 2 boxes a week around here. $$$

  9. @Anna @ Blissful Whimsy Thanks! Yes, My pa is super ws a fun project to work on together!

  10. Tracey, you have such a flair for decorating. Love it!!! Especially all those "hidden cupcakes" about. I just scored on a fabolicious rug from HomeGoods. Will post a pic soon.

  11. wanna come over and 'resurface' my kitchen cabinets????? ;)


Thank you for the note!