Friday, August 5, 2011

My fave Stuffed Animals...

My grandmother sent "Thing 4" a birthday check...So sweet!
I didn't have to think twice about what he would like...


Established in London...distributed around the world.
Cute, luxurious, ageless...the best stuffed animals available.
I know.
I've searched.

Do you have a Jellycat?
We now have 4.

Meet Mr. Bun (our first)...

Mr. Bun belongs to "Thing 3", they are nearly inseparable.
I snapped these photo's today as "Thing 3" played on our bed during quiet time...

Meet Oinkers & Rainbow Bear (our 2nd & third)...

They belong to "Thing 4". I'm hoping he'll fall in love with one.
For now, "Thing 3" seems to love them all enough to make any toy happy.
I snapped these pics after "Thing 3" had fallen asleep on our bed during quiet time...

I posed the toys that way.
I get bored.

Meet Rhino Guy (the newest addition)...

Rhino Guy was purchased at Anthro using G-Nan's birthday check!
Thanks G-Nan!!! need a Jellycat.
Even if you don't have children :)

On that note...Have a Happy Weekend!
See you back here on Monday!!!

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  1. hey! rhino guy is a nick name we call our son! haha!
    i need to get him a jelly cat asap!
    you guys are to freakin cute!
    happy weekend chica!


Thank you for the note!