Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My new LOGO...

Let's take an official moment to get lost in my new Logo by Sally Manlove...

Do you see what I see?
Yes. Those are cupcake "hidden" in the garden (that was my idea)...
But the rest was all Sally.

I picked out a pre-fab design and she tweaked it to fit me perfectly!
Isn't it just "So Tracey"?
  • the hidden cupcakes (my bloggy side)
  • the pink (my girly side)
  • the chic (my designy side)
  • the lined paper (my mommy of 4 kids side)
  • the tint (my vintagey side)
Sigh...I love it!

Looking for your own Logo, label, banner, etc?
I really think you should visit Sally Manlove.
She's super.

*I was not paid or reimbursed in anyway for this post. I JUST LOVED working with Sally and wanted you to know*

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