Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Party to distract...

We Survived Hurricane Irene!

Here's a peek at our "Storm Chaser Party" a.k.a. distraction for the kiddo's...

Storm Chaser Centerpieces:
  • Trace & Cut Lightning & Clouds from construction paper
  • Poke wooden skewers through shapes
  • Place blobs of play dough in a tin can
  • Push skewers into play dough filled cans
  • TA DA!

Easy Peasy Bunting:
  • Cut 6"x2" strips of construction paper
  • Fold in 1/2
  • Trim with crimping shears
  • lay over previously hung yarn
  • TA DA!

Yellow Straws made the perfect "lightning" touch
for these storm cloud straw toppers.
Complete with "rain colored" milk.

Polka Dot Confetti available at Hidden Cupcakes Too

Everyone got an official "Storm Chaser Badge".

Party Favors.

The menu:
  • Storm cloud pudding with a touch of lighting (chocolate pudding with lemon jello lightning shapes)
  • Silver Rain Drops (Hershey kisses)
  • Rain Dyed Milk (milk with blue food coloring)
We set it all up during Quiet Time...which was a pleasant distraction for us...because I was a bit nervous myself.

As you can imagine the kids were thrilled and distracted for the remainder of the evening...they were so busy chasing storms inside they barely noticed the actual storm outside the window.

Mission Accomplished!

How did you spend your Irene Time?


  1. WOW! Your parties just never cease to amaze me! I hope to someday be as fun and creative when I have my own kids!

  2. That was a great idea!! Glad to hear your family made it through safely!! CONGRATS on being FTLOB blog of the month by the way!!!

  3. You are rather creative! Congratulations for being Blog of the month at FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGS! I know what storms and hurricanes are like as I have experienced them in Jamaica. I am a new Follower.


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