Friday, September 30, 2011

Fave Baby Shower find...

The Baby Shower has evolved.
No longer a ladies only's become a couples event.
(Sorry guys)

It's for the baby shower decor to evolve as well.
It's a celebration of baby's arrival.
An occasion for friends of the parents to share in their joy.
It's a party for the should look like a party for the parents.

This simple "farm themed" baby shower featured on The Pretty Blog has me chomping at the bit to plan a baby shower (anyone need a baby shower coordinator?).
It's all about the details...

Inspired but overwhelmed?
Take note of the details:
  1. neutrals add instant elegance
  2. simple farm animal silhouettes were used tastefully to add the touch of "baby-ness" (note the chandelier & carefully placed bunnies)
  3. even the food matched the decor
  4. keeping with the theme: egg shaped doily pendants hung from the ceiling
  5. keeping with the theme: fresh eggs were given as a party favor
  6. keeping with the theme: a thank you note was placed inside an egg for each guest
  7. Adding to the elegance, it was a sit down meal (I think brunch is the best time for a baby shower)
  8. MY VOTE: no silly baby themed party games. Let them eat, chat, and watch the parents to be open their presents.
Have you attended a fabulously tasteful baby shower?
What was your fave detail?!


  1. Completely divine! If I ever get blessed with a little one, this is the kind of shower I want!

  2. love this - and your right neutral is instant elegance!!



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