Thursday, September 15, 2011


Do you know about Heartsy?
The fantastic site that offers private sales for limited number of featured Etsy stores everyday?

It's wonderful!
I've used it a number of times already to purchase vouchers to various Etsy faves at a mega 50%+ discount!
You can't loose!

Well...I'm hoping to be one of those featured seller!
But I need you help.

Before they will even consider me for a feature I need votes.
(yes. this is me pathetically begging you for votes)

Wouldn't it be fab if Hidden Cupcakes were featured on Heartsy?
Just think of all the "details" you could buy with  50% (or more) off price tag?

To vote go HERE:

If you want to visit the SHOP first go HERE!

And thanks in advance!
I'm crossing my fingers!


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