Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knee Socks for your boots...

With arrival of fall comes the arrival of boots...
  • Rain boots
  • riding boots
  • heel boots
  • booties
All about the details (as usual)...I find myself drawn to the knee sock peeking out from the top of the boot.
The perfect opportunity to express your self in a subtle way.

What kind of sock do you choose to peek out of your boots?
{tights are fab, but we're talking socks today}

I choose a ruffle.

Take a look at these drool worthy, absolutely feminine knee socks by Lowie:

Or these, simple, yet delicate petticoat socks by Free People...

And then there is the twist on the classic sock from Urban Outfitters...
I choose ruffles.
My boots will thank me.

{Remember be tasteful with your ruffles...subtle is key}


  1. I've always liked knee socks!! These are pretty!

  2. I always wore knee socks, too. In the winter with shorts, even! Loved them in the 60's. I love your blog, too but as a mother of 4 grown sons myself, HOW in the world do you find the time to do so much?! :)


Thank you for the note!