Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Minute Star Wars Costume #2...

Trunk or Treating time is quickly approaching, time for the DIY #2...


You Will Need:
  • Brown Sweat Suit Or Brown Romper (with hood)
  • Oversized (for you) Tan/Cream/Orange/Rust turtleneck
  • Felt (2 shades brown/tan)
  • Bear Paw Slippers or Brown Sneakers
  • Satchel

Step 1: Make the ears & faux belly.
  • Belly - Cut a large oval out of lighter shade of felt
  • Cut four ear shaped pieces of felt the same size/same color.
  • Cut two smaller shaped pieces of felt new color

  • Hot glue two of the larger sizes together...1/2 way around the ear

  • Fill ear with paper
  • Finish gluing ear

STEP 2: Attach ears to Hood.
(I used safety pins but you could sew them on, glue them on, etc.)

STEP 3: Make Hood.
  • Take the neck part of the the turtle neck and position it around face like a hood, allowing the remainder of the shirt to drape over shoulders and chest.
  • Tuck arms of shirt inside and either tie them up or cut off the extra length.
  • Cut slits for ears to poke through.
  • add a few decorative stiches (optional)

Step 4: Put on Costume...

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  1. He even looks like an ewok! I love love love this costume!!!


Thank you for the note!