Friday, October 28, 2011

LAST MINUTE Star Wars Costume DIY #1...

So...TONIGHT the kids have a fabulously fun event at the school "Trunk or Treat".
Volunteer parents pimp out the trunks of their cars (Halloween Style) and hand out candy to all the little trick or treaters!
I love it! (Safe, easy, fun)

One Problem, it's TONIGHT!

And even though we decided 2 weeks ago to go with a Star Wars theme...I kinda procastinated...

So TODAY I whipped up 4 super cute Star War's costumes for our little men.
I'm gonna share with you a DIY for 3 of them.
{No Fave Friday Today}


You Will Need:
  • A brown top
  • A pair of brown pants
  • A tan/oatmeal/ivory robe
  • Yoda ears (be creatuve, I cheated)
  • 1 light saber

We already had the light saber and top.
I purchased the robe on eBay.
The pants at Target.
And the FAB hand crocheted hat from The Hat Lady. (these hats were the inspiration for our costumes)

Step 1 (only step): Put on Costume...

Bonus -  this hat can now double as his winter hat! YIPPEE!!

Don't have a fancy ready made hat from The Hat Lady?
Here are a few easy suggestions:
  • Yoda Ear Headband
  • Green ski cap with Yoda felt ears
  • Green hoodie with yoda ears

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