Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Minute Star Wars Costume DIY #3...

You know you want a little R2D2 running through the neighborhood this year!

Here's how to make a quicky droid...

R2D2 DIY...

You Will Need:

  • White trash can (I spray painted ours)
  • Blue Foam Paper (Michael's)
  • Silver Duct Tape Sheet (Michael's)
  • Glue Dots (Michael's)
  • R2D2 hat (The Hat Lady)

Step 1: Find Your inspiration and Start cutting out those details.
No need to be overly perfectionst with the add ons...there is only 1 R2D2...and as long as you have the basic one will have any doubts.
I used this little play dough droid as my "guide".
Step 2: Apply Details to Trash Can with glue dots (permanent)
Step 4: Cut a hole for the head and for each arm.

This hat was one of the inspirations for our Halloween theme this year. I had to have it!
Bonus: It will double as his winter hat!
(The Hat Lady)
Final touches:
  • Wear a white sweatsuit underneath
  • Silver face paint
  • R2D2 hat alternative: cover a bowl in foil and use the same foam to add the details on top.
NOTE: Our 4th Star Wars Costume is also an Easy DIY...Luke Skywalker (vintage). All you need is a white karate uniform, a utility belt, and a light saber! FUN!

I'll be sure to share pics of the whole gang together next week!
Have a great weekend!


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