Friday, October 7, 2011

Q & A with Manzanita...

By now you've seen the giveaway.
By now you've drooled over the products.
Time to meet the lovely lady behind it all....

I had the privilege of asking Rebecca a few "personal questions" and I can't help but wish she lived a tad closer so she could teach me crochet while we watch a movie and talk "photography"....

Take a look at the interview and get to know Rebecca a little better:

1) So...tell us what inspired you to take the "plunge" and  go "full time" with your Shop & BLOG?
The first thing that really inspired me in making this decision was seeing other lovely ladies doing it and being successful. I did not even know that it was an option until this past April. Seeing women like Elsie LarsonKatie Kukulka, and Keiko Lynn do what they do has been a huge inspiration.
The hard part came next: believing that my talent was enough to get me there, ya know? I am still very far away from where I would like to be but I have gathered much more confidence in my skill because of the amazing support and feedback I have received in the last six months.

2) Do you crochet all the pieces or do you have a workshop full of little elves?
 I wish! No, I make all of my pieces. I have recently started to get pretty busy with orders and a lot of people have suggested hiring people to help out. Maybe I will change my mind about this in the future but right now I don’t really feel like that is an option.
When you buy a painting from a painter you buy it because you like how that artist paints. I sort of feel like this is a similar situation. I know fiber arts are bit different because of patterns, but I am not much of a pattern writer.  I have considered hiring an assistant to help with packaging and all the “busy” work part of getting things shipped. We will see…

3) WHO does your photos?
Photos of myself are either taken by my fiancĂ© Dustin or my little sister Alysia. Both of which are not super stoked about the jobJ I am sort of a perfectionist so sometimes I make them take the same photo 100 times. I am trying to get better at this. They are both extremely patient with me though. Dustin has gotten really good with the camera, our goal is to get photo shoots down to 10 minutes each. Not quite there yet.
All other photos on the blog are taken by me.

4)When did you start to Crochet & who taught you? (I bet he/she is so proud!)
 I first learned to knit when I was really young. My grandmother Rose taught me and I always loved having my little yarn bag when I went over to her house. When I was in middle school one of my closest friends Tiffany taught me how to crochet. I have done both on and off my whole life.
About 3 years ago Dustin and I were living in upstate New York. The winter was very harsh and we were indoors most of the time. That year I made all my family and friends Christmas gifts. Soon after I discovered Etsy and I have been hooked (pardon the pun) ever since. I probably crochet on average about 3 hours a night. I absolutely love it!

5)Your darling siblings are often featured in your photo' they "love it" or "hate it"?
 Well I have a lot of them! I am one of eight kids. Actually quite a few of them have not made an appearance yet. I think they like it, I guess I have never asked them! I am the oldest girl of the lot so I feel like I have that mama energy going on. I sort of just tell them what to doJ
My older brother Christopher who has recently returned from the east coast has been on manzanita quite often lately and I am pretty sure he enjoys it. We have some great posts planned for him.
He is hoping to have his own blog soon, I am working on the design now.

Getting a little more personal:

6) Crochet-ing/ Blogging? (is this your only job?)
I really wish it were. No, by day I am leasing agent for a property management company. It is a really small office filled with super friendly and laid back people. I could not ask for a better work environment but of course I wish I could spend 40 full hours a week on Manzanita instead.
It has been nice for blogging because when it is slow I get to work on that while I am at work and I have learned a lot about design and html because of it!
My goal is to one day work from home with little ankle biters at my feet. I am beginning to believe I can do it. Wish me luck!

7) Ideal date night: A)mom & pop restaurant BYOB followed by a hand held walk B)movies and bowling
Hmmmm. Dustin and I love going out to eat, so probably A. Although going to movies is one of my favorite things to do. Dustin is a very patient man so I think he always rather wait till movies come out on DVD. I on the other hand am not. I have definitely been at the theater on opening night for both Harry Potter and Twilight with all the teeny boppers, totally shameless.

8) Favorite color?
I love coral, especially when it comes to makeup. I have red highlights in my hair so I think it accentuates my coloring. I also really love mint, robin’s eggs blue, gray, brown, red, and mustard.

9) Hair up or down ?
I like to change it up! My hair is longer now than it has been since I was ten years old. I am usually rocking a pixie cut or a short bob. Now that it has grown out I have been doing a lot of experimenting and I love it! It sort of makes me feel like I am older, although sometimes I feel like an imposter when I look in the mirror. I have always been the girl with the cutesy short hair, I think I still need to get used to itJ

10) Who cooks in your house: you or him?
 Definitely me. I have tried to enforce “dinner nights” but that has not really stuck. My sweetie has a hard time making decisions so it usually easier for me to cook. I also have a weird diet. I can’t eat dairy or gluten and with that comes some interesting alternatives that are sometimes hard to prepare. I enjoy cooking so I really don’t mind.

11) Are you a warm weather or cold weather kinda gal?
 I like seasons. Fall is by far my favorite, probably because of the wardrobe options. I love to bundle up in warm sweaters, boots, and hats. I do get cold pretty easy and I have a tendency to blast the heat during the winter months, which drives Dustin insane. We have a fun little game where he turns the thermostat down and when he goes to bed I sneak out and turn it back up. He contributes this to the Cuban blood my mother passed down to me.

12)Aside from Manzanita (of course)...where's your fave place to get cute hand-made accessories?
A couple of my favorite shops are Sappy Apple and Damsel ofDainty, which are both run by some really rad ladies. Krystin and Inge are amazing!
Unfortunately I do not buy too much handmade. I have this embarrassing habit of thinking “I could make that!” I guess I always think if I could make it than I should. I have been trying to change this because I think it is so important to support those who do what you do.

13) Any inspirations/hero's you'd care to gush about?
As I mentioned above the bloggers and crafters that have made it and are doing what they love full time are a huge inspiration when it comes to my own path in getting to where I want to me.
One of my biggest inspirations in life is Gertrude Stein. She was an amazing thinker, feminist, and poet. She does not have a lot to do with the crafty side of my life but I think she is worth mentioning because being introduced to her theories of equality was one of those life altering experiences. I contribute a lot of who I am when it comes to ambition and having faith in myself to her work.

Thanks Rebecca!
You are such a doll! 

Be sure to get your entries in for the Manzanita Giveaway ASAP! 
{Winner announced Monday}

Oh and visit her fab site!!!


  1. What a lovely interview! Rebecca has been one of my best friends for over ten years now, and inspiration and also one of the strongest and most loving women I have ever known. This is always so fun to see a different side of her. I am so proud of your work Rebecca I love you for sharing it with the world! And thank you so much Hidden Cupcakes for this sweet interview!! :)

  2. Lovely interview. Rebecca is such a beautiful and kind person. I'm so thankful to have met her and proud to call her a friend.


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