Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Stockings & Stuff...

Life is busy.
Life is good.
Life is getting ready for Christmas...

Thanksgiving is over.
Time to decorate for Christmas.
An event..that last about a week.
I take my time and enjoy each moment...because it ends all too quickly.

First on my list this year, "Thing 4's" Christmas Stocking.

I decided to make our Christmas stockings...never being satisfied with what I found at the stores.
{Sometimes I am a little picky}

The stockings were basically free.
I used old blankets, shirts, pillows, ribbons, buttons.
I love how each turned out.
If I had to pick a have it would be the striped one...Thing 3's...I used his baby blanket.
{I enjoy having sentiments involved everywhere possible}

The only stocking I didn't make was my own. 
The cupcake and coffee stocking. {Can you say, PERFECT!}
I bought it a few years back on Etsy at The Lowelly Worm...the stockings are adorable. 

Being away last Christmas I decided to wait on making "Thing 4's" Stocking.
I thought it would be nice to use something from his "baby-hood" like I was able to do with "Thing 3".
I'm so glad I waited.
It is going to be just perfect. 

Do you have any Christmas Stocking Traditions?
We always open the Stocking Presents on Christmas Eve...


  1. loving this idea....and my decorating lasts about that long too....and I just want it to stay December all year long!


  2. those are the most amazing stockings ever!!! I love them!!

  3. When do we get to see your little man's stocking?! :)


Thank you for the note!